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This page is used to collect seeds: raw, unfinished, or far fetched ideas, for which I have neither the time nor the courage to work on. Feel free to browse them and get inspired. But tell me if you worked on them!


Documents always contain more information than you want them to. Personal information. Private information. Embarrasing information. Removing it is not so easy. Black rectangles printed over sensitive text to hide it don't work if the text is still in the pdf to see... Pdf2pdf solves this problem: it generates WYSIWYG pdf from arbitary pdf; no hidden surfaces, no hidden text.
Reading web logs and web fora is a pain, and keeping up with them even more. All this pointing and clicking, there's something missing... But good 'ol' nntp comes to the rescue!
There is cat /dev/null for things uninteresting. Let's build cat /dev/eternity for things that are interesting...
NetBiBTeX (2005-1-14)
Tired of maintaining these boring bibliographic database yourself? Want to be sure you're using the right bibliographic information? Here's NetBiBTeX: BiBTeX with access to any BiBTeX database on the web.
It would be so cool if you could browse the web through the favourite links of other people (and if they would be able to do the same to you)! MindPool does it.
Adder (2004-10-31)
(La)TeX output is of superior quality. But making your own style files is extremely difficult and error prone. Moreover, it can't process HTML or XML directly. Adder allows you to program a TeX system using a proper style programming language. And groks *ML. (Did I hear anybody say: Cascading Style Sheets??? .... Don't make me laugh!!)
Alas, the paperless office seems to generate more and more paper. But what if you could download a magazine as a single pdf, but save individual articles that you actually want to keep after reading them?.


Object Oriented File System - OOFS
Hierarchical file systems are soooo seventies! We can do better. Here's how.
Torvalds number (2004-12-27)
The Erdös Number for geeks!


Sound messages: you send the soundthe reciever hears when you send the message. (2008-9-9)
Rubik Office (2008-06-25)
Bring adaptiveness to the office building.
Web 3.1415.. (2008-06-25)
Version wars: flame on!
Fasion earpiece (2007-02-04)
Bluetooth earpieces to connect to your mobile phone do not have to be ugly...
Back-to-front chronology (2007-01-28)
Chronological ordered books (for example art-books presenting the work of an artist) should be printed back-to-front. I.e.: the earliest work should appear last in the book. Why? because if you browse the book, you flip the pages from back to front. Printing such books this way, browsing preserves chronological order.
Keep-Me-Close® (2006-08-17)
Never loose your keys, mobile, pens, lighter,.. anymore. Because they beep when you leave them behind.
Low DC Wall Socket (2006-3-11)
TS forgot his laptop power adaptor the other day... "Wouldn't it be great if all laptops used the same type of adaptor?" we thought... Better yet: why don't all offices (and geek houses) have low DC wall sockets next to the 220/110 AC ones?
With so many "senders" and so little "receivers" in web-log-land, wouldn't it be neat to be alerted if someone saw/did/felt/heard the same thing you did?
0906-SORRY (update: 2007-01-10)
Say it with flowers...? No, an excuse-me-service. Saying sorry is hard. But Japanese are good at it. So hire one, to say sorry for you! (And, for people sick of hearing excuses, there's 0906-THANKYOU, also Japanese, to receive the apologies for you...).
[Thanx to Cees, MaOo and the other SoS-ers (sausages? ) for this one! - Or was it Soulwax 'NY Excuse '...?]
CD-R Repair Man
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's.... CD-R Repair Man!

How old is CD-R technology now? 10 years? Anyway, old enough for discs to get corrupted, faded away, whatever. Important discs (what else!?). So wouldn't it be great to be able to go to a shop where friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable people help to restore all data on that corrupted disc? I'd feel a lot safer...

Digital Matchmaker
Imagine your watch would light up whenever someone with the same tastes or interests comes close to you? That's what the Digital Matchmaker does!