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When I came across a book by David Byrne on the beauty of Powerpoint presentations, I realised that Powerpoint could also be used as a VJ tool.

The following sets have been compiled for use as a "Powerpoint Jockey (Phj)" [and not PJ, because there can only be one PJ off course]. All presentations were found as-is on the Internet, but where restyled to make them more graphically appealling.

Please note. The sets make heavy use of advanced Powerpoint animations. They have been tested using Powerpoint 2002; they may not work with older (or newer) versions.

Phj sets

Shown on Syntax Error Dance Clubnight, February 6, 2004.
11 something
Part of the forthcoming terror set.
Lego Logo
The logo built from Lego bricks.
Lego Spaceship
A spaceship built from Lego bricks.