Head Belly Root
L'Eglise Text Creative Commons License
The Days To Come
The day the two of you first kiss
Will be a sorry day for me
A sudden cloud will block the sun
And its shape will make me see

The day you catch the flowers
I'll still be looking for my one
That will fit my senses and my soul
Like you when our love began

The day I receive the invitation
Is the day I'll know for sure
I'll decline of course: it would be to much
For both of us to endure

The day of your splendiferous wedding
I'll be alone and weep
I'll stop the clock and close the blinds
And drink myself to sleep

The day your little girl is born
I will shower you with gifts
For I have put my grief behind me
And settled all my rifts

The day some thirty years from now
When we will meet again
We'll talk all night, be close and know
Our love was not in vain

And inbetween, on all other days
You'll cross my mind in many ways
Obsessive or indifferent
Recalling your smile, dreaming your scent
Sometimes smiling, and sometimes sad
With desire, or just plain glad
That we met that special day
Astonished by love's peculiar way
Wondering where it all went wrong
Sometimes weak and sometimes strong
Yes inbetween, on all other days
You'll cross my mind in many ways

The final day my dying lips will
Quietly say your name
Cross what may the days to come
I'll love you all the same

[to N.]